Rent a BI expert from us

Let us help you:

Rent a BI expert from us!


Do you need help with your BI-project?


  • Is your project in delay?
  • Do you need supplementary experts immediately?
  • Have technical difficulties turned up?
  • If you cannot solve the problem, will you lose your customer?

work stress 420-420x0


Do you need a Business Intelligence expert?



  • Isn't BI the core business at your company?
  • Is the BI-competence missing?
  • Do you have not enough professionals?
  • Do you think BI-expertise is too expensive for you?

Let us help you!


  • We are REALLY good at it
- we've got extensive experience: see our References
  • We have highly qualified and well-experienced experts
- who are currently available
  • We are flexible and adaptable
...and all these we can provide at very affordable prices!


Rent a BI expert from us!

for any role:
  • requirement analysis
  • design
  • development
    • DB / DWH / DM
    • ETL / data transformation
    • OLAP cubes / online analytics
    • reports / other exports
    • data mining / machine learning
    • etc.
  • testing / debugging
  • installation / configuration
  • system / application integration
  • operation / support
  • troubleshooting - solving even non-trivial problems as well
in the most common technologies:
  • Microsoft SQL / SSIS, SSAS, SSRS
  • IBM DB2, DataStage, Cognos
  • Oracle BI
  • SAP / BusinessObjects, CrystalReports
  • Pentaho BI Suite
  • Microstrategy
  • Talend
  • etc.

at any level:

  • from the junior talents
  • to the highly experienced gurus








for short or looooong term


even starting to work immediately!


If your

BI project is in trouble,



an offer!

or you just

need a BI expert,

...or be a long-term partner: outsource to us !

We help you with pleasure in other tasks as well - please learn more about our other services!